Siba Island Resort

The first Island That Human Creation In The World as special for tourism

Siba Island, is a resort area with a nautical atmosphere is calm and peaceful nature, this area near the Port of Belawan. The island was discovered by Mr. Siba formerly a mangrove swamp wet secret untouched by human health. With all the will and aspirations of the peak in 2006 he decided and developed areas designated as a charming resort, in the end with all the courage, he began to plan the location. first began to pile up and the ground waters of the swamp bog.

As for the land taken from the sea every day brings sendimen or soil from the river. Then in 2007 began to be built restaurant, conference facilities and accommodation of 45 rooms. in future this area will be equipped with facilities such as water games are very interesting, hotel, Vila Member, villa tarditional, antique museum, mosques, sea birds, gardens, a floating dock of international standards and others more.

We hope that the island of Siba will benefit the lives of many people, beautiful places and cool with all the amenities you would find in accordance with our motto"Presenting your trully bless with our sincerest gratitude"

Facilities :

Indo Restaurant
Meeting Room
Meeting Set Table
Swiming Pool
Water Boom & Beach
Maritim Museum
Apartment Room
Horse Riding
Camping Ground
Fishing Pond
Plaza Siba Island


For Details, please contact to :

Siba Island Marketing ;
Jl. Martimbang No.2
Medan 20213
T. 061 7321851
F. 061 7368243
Hp. 081376000035

E. Reservation

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