Mitra Dinamis Always Provide The Best Service for The Total Satisfaction of Our Customers.

CV. Mitra Dinamis, founded in November 1995, as one of the companies in Batam that serve the needs of both worker safety in industrial land and sea.

Customers expect something more than they have acquired previously, products and services trying to follow all the development efforts to gain competitive advantage through quality.

Along the way, CV. Mitra Dinamis is always working to improve performance, competitiveness, and service by using knowledge as a strategic resource. And determination and goal to always provide the best service for the total satisfaction of our customers.

CV. Mitra Dinamis was established on 1 November 1995, as a company serve service of area :

Supply Fire Safety Equipment
Refilling & Inspection Fire Extinguisher
Installation Fire Alarm System
Fix Installation CO2 System
Installation Fire Hydrant & Sprinkler System
Servicing, Repairing Life Raft & Life Boat
Ship Chandler

Head Office
Komp. Pertokoan Seruni Blok B No. 12, Sei-Panas, Batam Island, Indonesia
Phone: +62 778 427933, +62 778 427934, +62 778 427935
Fax:+62 778 431140 ;

Tanjung Trisakti Blok J No. 09, Sei-Panas, Batam Island, Indonesia
Branch Office
Jl. Yos Sudarso No. 20, Batu Hitam, Tanjung Pinang, Indonesia
Phone:+62 771 316711
Fax:+62 771 316711

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