Yellow Pages Telkom Indonesia

Is an information media in the form of directory products and services organized alphabetically by class of business. PIB Yellow Pages can be a media campaign that appropriate and effective for business people with extensive distribution able to reach all corners of the country.

All the information in the PIB Yellow Pages can be obtained through a variety of Multi Access, which are:
  1. E-book can be accessed through
  2. CD Rom E-book Yellow Pages
  3. Customer Care Services - 5000 57
  4. My Mobile Directory - 8108
  5. Information Access 108: Type * 108 # press OK (special Telkomsel)
  6. Yellow Pages Mobile Application, can be downloaded for free via Blackberry at http: / /
As an effective media campaign, Yellow Pages has benefits: MEET

  • Multi access
  • Economical
  • Effective
  • Target Audience 
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